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Top Resources to Improve Your Design Skills

Last Updated:
March 16, 2023
Top Resources to Improve Your Design Skills

As designers, we’re constantly seeking out resources to grow our knowledge, sharpen our skills, and find inspiration. We firmly believe that continuing to improve your design chops will go a long way in creating more engaging dashboards. We’ve rounded up our top guides, videos, and inspirational content from some of the best minds in data visualization and information design. We hope you find them as helpful as we do.


This YouTube channel, created by Miguel Myers, is a hidden gem in the world of Power BI design. The videos are short and punchy (typically less than 10 minutes) and cover hot topics such as the best ways to optimize and improve colors, labels, legends and more. 

Refactoring UI

Run by Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger of Tailwind Labs, this site is an excellent source for quick-hit design tips and videos that showcase a number of design refactors they’ve done for clients. Adam & Steve also recently released a book under the same name that is worth checking out. 

Data Visualization by Material Design

A comprehensive best practice guide for beginners and experts alike, Material Design dives deep on design fundamentals from Shapes to Iconography and more. They are a “principles-first” resource, meaning they ensure you understand the foundation of key design concepts first before going deeper. 


While not a ready-made guide per se, some of the best design inspiration out there often comes from other creators on Dribbble. You can type in simple search terms such as “Dashboard” or “Data Visualization” and instantly see how the best data visualizers make their data story come to life.

Good Charts

Written by data visualization expert, Scott Berinato, this HBR guide contains a wealth of helpful info on data visualizations. He takes it a step further by digging deep into the research behind visual perception and neuroscience for those who like to understand why, scientifically, some charts are good and some are bad.

Adobe Express Design Trends

As technology advances and consumer tastes change, the world of digital design is constantly evolving. In collaboration with Ken Do, Adobe Express summarizes some easy to follow and concise trends across both the physical and digital design space. They touch on data visualization, but more importantly cover a bunch of applicable graphic design trends that are important for consideration in visualization design.

If you're looking for tips and best practices specific to Power BI, then feel free to check out our Handbook, The Complete Guide to Designing Power BI Reports. In this guide, we include a step by step building process along with our top 10 design tips. And if you're still longing for even more design resources, check Caio Calderari's list with over a hundred more recommendations.

Ready to improve your reports?
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Ready to improve your reports?
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