About Numerro

We're making professional designs accessible to all Power BI users

Numerro is a design system for Power BI users who value design and the impact it can have on visualizing information. Without implementing design best practices, you risk limiting your insights, frustrating users, and damaging your reputation.

These are the problems that many Power BI users face. Standard components, alignment, and themes can be clunky and dated, limiting the power of information in reports. 
Founded by ex-Microsoft employees who experienced these design and formatting pain points firsthand, our vision for Numerro is to make every Power BI dashboard beautiful and easy to understand.

There's no back and forth editing each element or worrying about the correct alignment, layout, or colors. In fact, you don't need to worry about the design; the Toolkit takes care of it.
Building a data-driven culture and impressing your stakeholders with well thought-out reports is hard enough on its own. We aim to make the visual presentation of your insights faster, easier, and more effective.

Welcome to the new way of building and designing reports in Power BI.

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