Power BI Dashboard Templates for Sales Professionals

Better understand your quota, pipeline, and overall sales health with Numerro’s sales dashboard templates
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Sales teams win with Power BI

Power BI is an essential analytics tool for sales professionals that are looking to understand and exceed their goals.  With Power BI, data from KPIs, opportunities, and conversion rates can be combined into a single analytics dashboard to help your team get more deals across the line. 

While many sales professionals excel at selling, few have expertise in BI dashboard design.  Numerro’s BI templates provide sales teams with expertly designed analytics dashboards - allowing your team to focus on winning deals and not on designing a dashboard.

Sales analytics simplified with Numerro

Focus on selling

Spend less time on design and more time engaging with prospective customers

Understand patterns

Leverage our clear and concise dashboard design to identify sales patterns and reproduce your wins

Close more deals

Analyze your pipeline and make informed decisions that produce better results

Choose your theme and template

Numerro’s sales templates include light and dark color themes and multiple dashboard formats.  Our letter-size templates are designed with printing in mind and our mobile layouts are optimized for consuming insights on mobile devices.

In addition to sales-specific templates, Numerro also offers 180+ different visualizations that can be applied to any use case. The full toolkit allows you to visualize your sales data exactly the way you want it.
Numerro Power BI Finance Template Dark Mode
sales dashboard template power bi report sales
Sales dashboard template power bi report letter page size printing template
sales dashboard template power bi report sales dark mode
sales template power bi mobile layout view report
sales template power bi mobile layout view report dark mode

Visuals optimized to tell the story behind your data


Quickly gauge critical performance metrics
power bi financial metrics

Bar Chart

Assess sales opportunity by size
power bi revenue finance table

Donut Chart

Instantly assess a category’s proportion to the whole
power bi sales performance area chart

Area Chart

Analyze two variables over time to understand how they correlate to sales
power bi revenue stacked bar chart

Clustered Bar Chart

Simultaneously interpret and compare multiple data points
power bi stacked bar chart revenue performance for finance

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