Design Challenge:
New Year's Resolutions 2022

Updated February, 2022

Congrats, Zoe and Santhana!

Our 2022 New Year's Design Challenge brought in amazing Power BI entries from many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, India and France. Thank you to all of our participants for your time and effort spent creating your entries. We learned new insights from each of your reports, including which types of resolutions are made most often, which generations tend to stick with their resolutions longer, and how success rates vary by demographic.

At Numerro, we value design and the impact it can have on visualizing information. We love hosting challenges as an opportunity to showcase the stunning design skills within the Power BI community. For this challenge, we selected 2 winners. One for the Power BI report with the best design that uses Numerro components and the other for the best design that does not use Numerro components.

Numerro Design Challenge Winner: Zoe Douglas

Power BI dashboard examples from design challenge winners.

Zoe created an exceptional Power BI report that showcases the power of simplicity, white-space, and creative storytelling. Here are a few design best practices that helped her receive the Numerro gold medal:

  • Proper spacing between components to improve readability
  • Professional color palette
  • Simple design layout without overloading information
  • Included zero baselines
  • Variation in formatting of text to draw attention to key insights
  • She clearly had fun in building her report and let her creative personality come to light

Great work, Zoe!

Power BI Design Challenge Winner: Santhana Ponnurasan

Power BI dashboard examples from design challenge winners.

Santhana used her deep analytical expertise to create an information-rich report. She presented a significant number of insights without completely overcrowding the report. Here are a few design best practices that helped her receive the general Power BI gold medal:

  • Clear headings and sub-headings
  • Proper alignment and formatting of data labels
  • Thoughtful design layout, grouping similar visualizations together
  • Axis labels display full text
  • Unique and in-depth analysis

Great work, Santhana!

Numerro Power BI design challenge.

We're excited to announce a new Power BI Design Challenge to kick off 2022 in style. Our first challenge was an amazing success that evoked key learnings to help us improve the challenges moving forward. This new challenge will be available to ALL Power BI users, not just Numerro's customers. Whether you're a Power BI novice or expert, we want to give you a chance to show off your design skills to the Numerro and Power BI communities.

Winners will receive a custom Numerro Yeti mug and be featured in our February newsletter as well as our social media channels. The winners will be announced on Thursday, February 17th, 2022.

Numerro Power BI design challenge Yeti mug.
Numerro Power BI design challenge Yeti mug.

Challenge Details:

Setting resolutions for the New Year is an ancient tradition dating back to the Babylonians around 4,000 years ago. Many of us continue to set resolutions today as a way to reflect on our past and set goals for the future based on things we want to do differently or improve upon. We thought the fresh start of a New Year provides the perfect theme for this challenge.

With this challenge, all rules are off the table. You are free to use your creativity to tell a story about any topic relating to New Year's resolutions. You can use any dataset you'd like. If you need some inspiration to get the juices flowing, here are some sample questions & datasets to investigate that may help you win!

  • Which countries have the highest participation rates in resolutions? The lowest? 
  • What percent of people actually stick to their resolutions? For how long? 
  • Perhaps your personal resolution is to spend more time reading. How long do you plan to read and how does that compare to your country's average? 

Sample Datasets: 

How to Play:

  • Create a single page Power BI report. There are no rules on which data points you use. Tell the story that interests you the most!
  • Email a PBIX file no later than Friday, February 11th, 2022. Please name your file Lastname_Firstname.pbix and send to

How to Win:

We will be selecting 2 Winners. One Winner will be selected for the Power BI report with the best design that uses Numerro components. The other Winner will be selected for the Power BI report with the best design that does not use Numerro components. Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Unleash your creativity, have fun, and deliver something unique.
  • Apply design best practices to your report.
  • The reports will be judged on creativity and design principles. The winning solution will be simple, concise, consistent and unique.

Best of luck! Even if you don't win, hopefully you had fun, learned something new, and your report may still be featured by us on social media! 

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