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Power BI Dashboard Example Templates Gallery
Templates are pre-built dashboard designs that integrate many report types to tell a compelling visual story.
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Power BI Dashboard Example Visuals
Visualizations are beautifully designed charts and visuals for every visualization type that is offered by Power BI.
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Power BI Dashboard Example Themes
Themes are carefully crafted visual palettes to help bring your data to life in a consistent and compelling manner.
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Power BI Dashboard Example Grids
Grids help you ensure a clean, clear, and aligned layout for your Power BI reports, equipping you with a consistent structure.
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Power BI Dashboard Example Headers
Headers are elements that help your report users understand the information that is presented easily and quickly.
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Navigation Bars

Power BI Dashboard Example Navigation Bars
Navigation Bars make it easy for your users to navigate and filter dashboards so your users can get exactly what they need.
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Paginated Reports

Power BI Paginated Report Templates
Paginated Report Templates enable you to quickly design great looking and easy to read table based reports.
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Even more ways to improve your Power BI designs

Numerro Themes PDF Reference Guide

All the Numerro Themes in a quick reference guide with Hex Codes.

Design Process Guide

Great design isn't just look and feel. It's also about running an excellent process.

Figma Design Kit

Quickly mockup Power BI Reports with Numerro Elements.

Icons & Palette Builder

Access over 2,000 icons and build palettes with the click of a button.

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