How Vsimple transformed the design of their SaaS Platform with embedded Power BI reports

Meet Henry Lynch, VP of Product and Co-Founder of Vsimple

Vsimple's founding team originally started a distribution company, handling millions of dollars of orders and inventory for their customers. They struggled with one key problem: managing this volume of business was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. So Henry and his co-founders created Vsimple to help other hard working, industrial companies streamline their business operations from quote to cash.  

As the VP of Product, Henry wears a lot of hats. He’s responsible for creating and executing the product roadmap as well as building out Power BI reporting solutions for customers. Vsimple’s customers rely on Henry and his team to build clear dashboards which enable them to manage orders in one place, get relevant updates on important changes, and obtain visibility into problem or opportunity areas.

Henry Lynch Vsimple
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How Vsimple Uses Numerro

Vsimple’s SaaS application includes embedded Power BI dashboards, tailored for each customer. They take customers’ specific needs and translate these into the data model with nomenclature, statuses, and custom fields. After the data model is set up, Henry creates the dashboards using Numerro’s visualizations and themes. 

Prior to using Numerro, Vsimple used standard Power BI components and themes to deliver their solution. They were frustrated with the design and the dashboards didn’t truly feel like part of the web application. With Numerro, they’ve been able to establish consistent, professional designs across the hundreds of reports they deliver to customers. The Vsimple team is proud to show off their Power BI reports, and they’ve seen increased engagement and retention as a result.


  • Ability to better engage executives with compelling analytics
  • Significant improvement to dashboard design
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Vsimple Sample Dashboard

Vsimple Power BI dashboard example

"The value of Numerro is really in the design. Our dashboards are visually improved, and the reporting feels like a true part of the web app.”

Henry Lynch

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