How Oneview Healthcare
transformed their reporting

Meet Kevin George, Technical Architect and Data Team Lead at Oneview Healthcare

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Oneview Healthcare provides digital tools for patients, families, and caregivers to improve the care experience during hospital visits. Their bedside platform – accessed on touchscreens, televisions, and other digital touchpoints – integrates communications, education, entertainment, and other patient comfort features in an easy-to-use solution that improves the patient care experience for patients, family, and caregivers. 

As the team lead, Kevin is responsible for executing on all phases of the data strategy and ensuring his team delivers accurate, consistent, and professional reporting to Oneview’s partners. The partners use the reporting to better understand which features of the technology are most frequently used and delivering the highest value.

Kevin George Oneview Healthcare
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How the Oneview Team Uses Numerro

The Oneview data team formats and designs about 5-10 reports per week with the goal of making the data more accessible for their end users to understand. They often create interactive dashboards so that their partners can dig deeper into the data and uncover additional insights. 

Prior to using Numerro, Kevin and his team struggled with establishing consistency across all the different reports they were delivering using Power BI. Now they use Numerro’s templates and themes to establish consistency with colors, alignment, spacing, visuals, and more.


  • Oneview’s developers are now able to deliver quality reports efficiently. The total development time to build a reporting suite now only takes one third of the time.
  • Oneview’s partners are engaging and interacting with the reports more, resulting in a reduction of support and onboarding efforts.
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Oneview Healthcare Sample Dashboard

Onview Healthcare Power BI dashboard example

"Before using Numerro, we built individual Power BI reports but there was no consistency in the designs we were delivering, meaning the customers’ user experience was not optimal. We chose Numerro because you guys have absolutely nailed design guidelines and principles to create a consistent customer experience."

Kevin George
Oneview Healthcare

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