How mpro5 is leveling up their 2022 Power BI reports

Meet Fred Whipp, Data & BI Analyst at mpro5

mpro5’s platform enables organizations across facility management, retail, transport and healthcare to turn complex jobs, workflows and scheduling into simple and compliant processes. Their solution is capturing data from a variety of sources (IoT sensors, mpro5’s mobile app, customer call buttons), aggregating this data, and then turning it into dynamic Power BI dashboards to help their customers spot trends and make informed changes to operations. 

Over the past few years, Fred has immersed himself into the world of data, analytics, and Power BI and is now quickly becoming an expert in building custom reporting solutions. He spends the majority of his time customizing dashboards for each customer’s specific needs.

numerro customer advisory Fred Whipp
picking dashboard image

How mpro5 Uses Numerro

In 2022, Fred and his team are focused on producing dashboards that are versatile enough to allow decision makers to make improvements across their organization as well as monitor the effects of operational changes within the same dashboard. 

To achieve their goals in leveling up their reporting functionality, mpro5 needs a trusted design solution to reduce their time spent designing and formatting hundreds of reports. They use Numerro templates to create standardized ways of working and establish consistency so that all of their reports look the same and are easier to build. With this time-savings, the BI team is able to spend more of their efforts working on advanced features such as AI and predictive analytics.


  • Save 4 hours of time per each dashboard created from scratch (spend ~ 32 hours per dashboard)
  • Clear dashboards that customers can easily understand without detailed explanations
  • Created a standard dashboard output with consistent style and improved standard of quality
power bi dashboard mockup

mpro5 Sample Dashboard

mpro5 Power BI dashboard example

“Numerro is the perfect tool for creating engaging dashboards that are easy for users to understand. We have saved significant amounts of time and, most importantly, we are getting more compliments from thrilled customers on just how impressive our dashboards look and feel.”

Fred Whipp

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