How Azure CloudMonitor uses Power BI to manage Enterprise cloud spend

Meet Rodney Joyce, Managing Director and Founder of CloudMonitor

Azure CloudMonitor helps organizations control and reduce their cloud consumption costs. Without proper monitoring and governance in place, IT spend can spiral out of control. This is whereCloudMonitor steps in to help customers understand their expenses, lower their cloud costs, and improve cost governance.  

As lead architect, Rodney led the team that designed and built CloudMonitor. He has over 20 years of extensive experience working with Power BI, Azure, Analytics and AI, in addition to holding more than 16 Microsoft certifications and credentials.

Rodney Joyce CloudMonitor
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How CloudMonitor Uses Numerro

The CloudMonitor Analytics Engine reads data from Azure APIs and transforms it into analytical data and cost anomalies, in order to make cost-saving recommendations for customers.

The CloudMonitor Reporting solution, found on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace, can be installed directly into a customer’s Power BI environment as a Power BI App and shared with members of the organization. 

Prior to using Numerro, CloudMonitor’s reports didn’t feel like a consistent part of the product. They had a completely different look, causing users to feel as if they were using two different solutions. By implementing Numerro, Rodney was able to create professional, white-labeled designs that integrated seamlessly with the rest of the product. The user experience improved significantly and CloudMonitor’s powerful insights are now on full display.


  • Increased CloudMonitor installs due to the Enterprise look and feel
  • Produced a standard design that allowed the Dev Team to focus on adding business value instead of UI concerns.
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CloudMonitor Sample Dashboard

CloudMonitor Power BI Dashboard Example

"With minimal effort, Numerro allowed us to produce a professional Business Intelligence product with an Enterprise look and feel. Our reports no longer look like Power BI, and yet can harness the powerful capabilities of Power BI to provide a great user experience for our customers."

Rodney Joyce
Azure CloudMonitor

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